Friday, November 06, 2009

OT: RSS Feeds and things

This is not going to be my usual banter, just something I came across (yeah, I know, I'm late) and thought was cool. So it's no big secret that I use Google's Reader to keep up with all of my RSS feeds. I had noticed that we are now able to search for shared items and hadn't really given it much thought. I had even shared a couple of articles earlier in the year, but didn't really know what happened to them, or forgot that I had done so...

Anyway, the other day people on twitter were talking about Google Dashboard and I decided to check it out. There really wasn't that much surprising until I looked under the "Reader" section and saw I had followers. Followers? For my Google reader? I wanted to know what they were following. So after some investigation I find my shared items feed with the two things I had shared previously. I've since decided to add things to the feeder, sometimes even with notes :-)

I know... Google's got the goods on me and I'm feeding the monster, black helicopters etc etc etc... but it's still a cool way to share things you read. I've since subscribed to a few feeds myself :-)

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