Saturday, January 02, 2010

Briefly: Misc News

Into the Boxes Issue 0x0 is now out. It contains a small article on Linux memory forensics I wrote as well as a cool article on Windows 7 UserAssist Registry Keys by Didier Stevens, a hardware quick tip and FTK imager quick tip by Don C. Weber and a PCI interview with Harlan Carvey. For those who are interested in contributing to future publications, check out the Collaboration Box. Congratulations to Don and Harlan on the first release!

There is a new meetup group that I am helping to organize: NYC4Sec. The group consists of computer security, forensics and compliance professionals based in the Tri-State area and we will be meeting to discuss the latest trends in threats and responses as well as what to do when attacked. We are aiming to meet at the end of the month. Feel free to sign up and come to the meeting. If anyone is interested in presenting at the meeting, please contact myself or Morton Swimmer.

I have also been asked to give a talk at CEIC 2010. So if you are planning to attend, I'll see you there :-)

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