Tuesday, January 06, 2009

OT: Twitter

So I finally broke down and created a Twitter account recently. It started when I began watching a few people on Twitter. They often had very interesting Tweets related to my interests. After a while I realized that it would be easier to keep up with these Tweets by following these people with my own Twitter account.

Now, the reason I haven't had one up to this point was mostly because I was afraid of the privacy issues. While teaching undergraduate classes I have often been asked if I have a Facebook, Myspace, Twitter (or whatever) account so that students could ``befriend'' me. Till now I have abstained from these types of accounts mostly to avoid these types of student/teacher online friendships. Not that I dislike my students (I don't), but I just figured it might get uncomfortable at some point.

I am wondering if others have struggled with this issue. I know there are some people on Twitter who teach classes like me...

I have made my Tweets private for now to make sure that I know who is following me (but can you ever *really* know?). I know this is probably not the most favorable setup, but it makes me feel somewhat better that my inconsequential Tweets are not just openly exposed to everyone.

The people on Twitter are cool and information they give rocks. So far I am really enjoying it :-)

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