Sunday, January 11, 2009 update

I made a small update to Since there are a lot of html files being generated, I thought it might be nice to allow the user to specify an output directory. So there is an extra (optional) option:

-D <output_dir>

if you want to print all html files to the another directory. If the directory does not exist, it is created. The script currently does not check if files exist in this directory and will clobber any files with the same name.

I have also added some more information about the open files. You can now see all processes that have the same open files and how many times each process has a file open. To do this, click on the process of interest and click open files. Each file name is linked to a report, which contain a list of all processes (by pid) that have the file open and how many times that process has the file open. There is a link to each pid as well.

Also new there is a link to the index.html file at the end of each report.

Since my website is down for now, you can get the updated script here. (updated 1/11/09 and moved from google code which was messing up some things)

Hopefully this is helpful.

Another update: Here's a second report to look at.

The venus website is down so if you need to download vol2html you can get it from the new Google code page

Still more to come....

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