Sunday, December 13, 2009

Misc Stuff

Droid Forensics

For those of you interested in Droid forensics, check out the viaForensics website. There you can find a presentation on Droid forensics (pdf) as well as a regularly updated blog.

New Volatility Plugins

MHL has been busy creating new Volatility plugins. He's modified the malfind plugin to use YARA which allows one to search the process memory for defined patterns (rules). He also has created a new plugin called that can detect unlinked LDR_MODULE entries. I suggest reading his blogpost in order to take it all in. You can get the updated plugins here (zip).

Also from his blogpost you'll see that AAron and Moyix rocked the Incident Detection Summit.

MDD will cease to exist

It seems that development and maintenance of the MDD tool will cease. For those of you who are dependent on that tool, windd is a great free alternative.

Into the Boxes

For those of you who might not be aware, there is a new quarterly digital forensic and incident response ezine that is about to come out next month called Into the Boxes. For more updates, check out their twitter feed. If you are interested in contributing to future publications, you can find the guidelines here.

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