Monday, December 06, 2010

Volatility 1.3 get_plugins Script Update

I've finally gotten around to updating the get_plugins script I wrote a while back for Volatility 1.3 (and finally gotten around to blogging about it). This is due to a few changes in plugins, dependencies and to address difficulties mentioned in lorgor's blog.

MHL has also updated malfind2 to work with Yara 1.4a, so this script is compatible with those changes.

I have only tested this on Ubuntu and Mac OSX (with MacPorts installed).

  1. You must run this script as root

  2. This script also installs Volatility using SVN. If you are running Ubuntu or Mac it will check that SVN is installed, and if not, will install it and pull down Volatility in the current directory.

  3. If you are running Ubuntu or Mac OSX, this script will install other dependencies you will need like pcregrep libpcre++-dev python-dev for Ubuntu or pcre pcre++ for Mac.

  4. This script installs dependencies: pefile, libdasm, pycrypto, yara-python 1.4a, as well as all known Volatility plugins, including the newer VAP ones from MHL

You still have to install Inline::Python on your own.

You can find the script in my GitHub repository or as raw text here

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Rob Dewhirst said...

works great, thanks.